BitLife: How To Become Famous (2024)

Every decision you make in BitLife will result in a consequence. Whether you choose to marry the love of your life, have children, and lead a normal life, or immerse yourself in the world of crime and become an outlaw who instills fear in everyone, the outcomes will always shape your destiny.


BitLife: How To Make Money

Let's make some money in BitLife!

Becoming famous is one of the cool things to do in this simulator. Spotlights, walking on red carpets, a fan base, and millions of dollars in your bank account will take your life in a completely different direction. This guide is here to provide suggestions on how to become famous.

How To Become Famous

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With a few exceptions, fame doesn't come without reason. To achieve it, you need to work hard and, most importantly, not give up. The first step you can take is to discover the field in which you have talents and commence working in direct proportion to that.

Some of the professions that will make you famous are:

  • Being part of a royal family (either by marrying into royalty or being born into it)
  • Being a model
  • Being an actor
  • Being a social media influencer
  • Writer
  • Game developer
  • Being a reporter
  • Being a musician
  • Being a professional athlete

Achieving fame isn't limited to being an actor; if you desire, you can also become famous as an athlete, model, author, or social media phenomenon. Many professions where you can gain fame are associated with the level of education, although this is not particularly applicable to fields such as acting and writing.

Start Your Career Preparations Early

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During your baby years, there's no need for extra effort. The critical age is eight, and from then on, focus on efforts to become famous. First, concentrate on improving your appearance and taking lessons that are connected to your desired job.

If you aim to become a musician, learn to play an instrument or take voice lessons. If your goal is to become an actor, consider taking acting lessons. Besides, it's important to participate in school activities. Being selected for the football team or joining the drama club in secondary school is essential to preparing yourself for your future profession.

Keep in mind that the courses required for your desired job come with a price tag. If you aim to get these lessons at a young age, you may need financial assistance from your family to cover the costs.

Having excellent grades and maintaining a good relationship with your family will likely increase the chances of your request being approved. You are not expected to pay anything for school activities.

If you continue these classes at a later age, your family will not have any support, so you may need to pay attention to your budget. For instance, an acting class costs $3,850.

The Key to Fame Lies in Your Appearance

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Your appearance is pretty important for achieving fame. The minimum score for appearance is 70-75; surpassing that threshold will make things even easier. Participating in activities like going to the gym, taking walks, dieting, and getting manicures and pedicures are things to improve your appearance. To appear more stylish, you can follow these steps: Activities > Accessories.

You can check your appearance score in the "Looks" section under the Statistics tab. By following the steps Activities > Mind and Body, you can reach lessons that are connected to your future job as well as activities that will improve your appearance.

Some professions that you might become famous for do not have classes or school activities. For instance, if you want to become an influencer, you have to do something yourself. Here, you'll receive a notification that you can start a social media business at the age of 13-14. Your options will be Facebook, Instagram, OnlyFans, TikTok, Twitch, Twitter (X), and YouTube. Then, you should share constantly and focus on gaining followers.

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Becoming a social media phenomenon doesn't require any additional effort. Simply keep your account active and constantly share posts. Besides, the choice of platform is entirely up to you. Lastly, if you surpass 300,000 followers on any of these platforms, you will be given the fame tag.

When you become famous, your number of followers will begin to increase exponentially. Even other celebrities will start following you.

Following the above details thoroughly should be sufficient to make you famous. Once you turn 18, you can apply for jobs related to your dream professions and even receive offers for them if you're fortunate. However, whatever profession you pursue, pay attention to your happiness, health, and appearance.


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BitLife: How To Become Famous (2024)


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