How to complete the Eager Beaver challenge in Bitlife (2024)

The Eager Beaver challenge in Bitlife is the story of a woman who lives without restrictions and owns multiple luxurious properties in America.

Unlike last week’s challenge, Bitlife has finally introduced a new free-to-play friendly challenge this week, which involves you becoming a force in the Adult Film industry and making your way to the top to live life on your terms.

Here is everything you need to know about completing the Eager Beaver challenge in Bitlife.

Bitlife Eager Beaver challenge guide

How to complete the Eager Beaver challenge in Bitlife (1)

Before starting the guide, here are the objectives that you need to fulfill to complete the Eager Beaver challenge in Bitlife:

  1. Be born a female in Los Angeles.
  2. Become an adult film star.
  3. Sleep with 10+ men.
  4. Sleep with 10+ women.
  5. Purchase five or more homes worth $2M+.

Be born a female in Los Angeles

The easiest part of the challenge is to start a custom life and choose to be a female born in the United States of America. Make sure to choose Los Angeles as your preferred city.

Become an adult film star

To step into the world of adult p*rnography, you need to be up to 18 years old. After turning 18, go to Jobs and look for an opportunity in the Adult Film Industry. Ideally, you should find the p*rn Actress role, and you can join it by answering a question.

Do not fret if you don’t see it as a career option immediately as you can enter the industry as a Cameraperson or Historian and make your way up to being a p*rn Actress. You can choose the Work Harder option and nurture your relationship with the Supervisor to get a promotion and finally become a p*rn Actress in the industry with a good salary.

You can also start an OnlyFans account to get a side income going as early as possible because you will need a lot of money to end the challenge.

Sleep with 10+ men

Once you’ve become a p*rn Actress, sleeping with men is a fairly easy task. Go to activities, Love, and then choose Hookup to sleep with a man. Repeat this process ten times, but always remember to use a condom as it won’t complicate things in your life.

Moreover, you can go to the fertility option and get yourself on Birth Control, which will eradicate any chances of having a baby while you live out your life in peace. Make sure to sleep with good-looking men. Otherwise, it should affect your happiness in the game, which could lead to depression.

Sleep with 10+ women

After men, it’s time for women. You need to change your sexuality by going to activities and then choosing the Identify option and declaring yourself as gay. You can also become bisexual, but that brings unnecessary RNG into your future hookups, so selecting the Gay option ensures you will only get a woman.

Now, go to activities, Love, and then choose Hookup and do it ten times to finish the step. If you run out of options, you’ll need to befriend someone and make love to them to reach your tally of ten.

Purchase 5+ homes worth $2M

To complete the challenge’s last requirement, the best way is to marry someone rich and mix your wealth with your spouse. To do that:

  • Head to the dating app under the love option in the activities option. (Note: Don’t use the gay dating app as it doesn’t let you choose your net worth, and if you have a celebrity dating app, that works even better than this as they have a lot of money).
  • Select the ideal age of the man, choose the individual’s net worth over one million, and start dating.
  • Once you’re dating, give them compliments and spend time with them regularly.
  • Buy an expensive ring and propose at a suitable location to make them your fiancée.
  • Once they agree, plan a wedding with them and complete the formalities.
How to complete the Eager Beaver challenge in Bitlife (2)

Now that you have a spouse and your earnings from the adult industry, it should be enough to buy homes costing more than 2 million each. Head to the Assets option and find the Go Shopping option to select multiple properties. While your spouse might be angry with your choice to buy five houses, don’t fight with them as it could cause a divorce and you’ll lose all the money.

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How to complete the Eager Beaver challenge in Bitlife (2024)


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